Temple where you can experience ZEN. Rarity “Gosen-Kannon” Buddha!

The Fudasan Myouhou-ji Temple.
Healing Temple for Mind and Body

If you want to experience Zen in Kyoto, there is a quiet place.
Good location near Kyoto (30 minutes by train).
How to find a quiet place in Kyoto.

Rarity “Gosen-Kannon. It stands on board and guards the ship of Ohmi merchant. As a memorial release for the temple. Opportunity to meet “Gosen-Kannon”!

Origin of  ‘Gosen Kannon Buddha’

During the long history of Zen Buddhism, it has accumulated many insights for releasing people from stress arising from suffering, anxiety and exhaustion. By applying Zen Buddhism practice at Myouhou-ji temple, you can experience a peaceful and relaxing interlude through the senses, such as seeing, smelling, hearing and touching as if you were separated from busy endless life.


Main Hall

“Segaki” Ceremony
(Video : 16min)
Detail: Please go to Sutra page”


Myouhouji-ji ZEN Temple is deeply related to the history of the Hachiman canal, and it enshrines the “GOSEN Kannon” Statue which protected the ship of the Omi merchant. It is a new spot of Oami-Hachiman sightseeing,

“Hachiman” Canal

Seeing beautiful garden (Japanese stone and rock garden, called “Kare-san-sui”), feeling the cool winds blowing from Biwako Lake, smelling incense, hearing the Buddhism Sutra readings and the sounds of the Big Bell, all these experiences will help you to alleviate endless concerns or sufferings in your mind.

“Kare-san-sui” Rock Garden

ZEN meditations and mindfullness temple YOGA

You can sit down inside the temple, enjoy the stone garden as much as you like (it is OK to read your favorite books there!) or experience Sutra-Calligraphy (Shakyo) written in Kanji.

Myouhou-ji Temple provides well-balanced healing opportunities by combining mind and body practice through Meditation and Yoga. As well as offering day-to-day religious activities, Myouhou-ji temple offers corporate training and other events. Please let us know if you are interested to learn more about activities and events at the temple.

We would like to offer the opportunity to those who visit the temple to get to know Zen Buddhism culture and practice and to experience a better life than before.

ZEN and YOGA hall

(What you can do at Myouhou-ji Temple)

· Funeral service

(As needed)
· Zen / Meditation experience (ZAZEN)
· Japanese Tea ceremony experience
· Issuance of temple certificate
· Remove evil / good luck Prayer
· Improve concentration · “Sakyo” / “Syabutsu”
· Increase creativity “Gosen Kannon painting”
· Using instruments, fun “Experience of Reading Buddha’s Sentences

(Reservation required)
· A “Zen meditation” that cultivates the mind and strong spirit power
· Temple Yoga heals from both the mind and body
· Spend luxurious time of Zen privately “Lunch Zen / Dinner Zen”
· Mindfulness lecture to make life better
· “Corporate training” to create a base as a social worker
· “Personal experience” to cultivate perseverance and spiritual power

>> Please email us for details.

E-Mail:  gosen@myouhou-ji.com


17 Teppou-chou Ohmihachiman-city SIGA JAPAN.

(+81) 748-26-1353