Are you looking for a festival in Kyoto?
There is an interesting and very rare ceremony!
Good location near Kyoto (30 minutes by train).

2021.7.31 There is a rare ceremony.
“Segaki” ceremony will be held on August 19, 2021.

Please see from Live Camera of YouTube. The ceremony start at 18:30 JST.

2019.1.31 Add  “Segaki” ceremony video LINK .
Please show Events page below.

2018.7.30 ‘Lunch Zen’ and ‘Dinner Zen’ will start from September .
For detail, refer to the event page below.

2018.7.15 Temple YOGA events will be held on every month.
Please contact us by E-Mail.

2018.6.10 You can see the Guardian Kannon according to the schedule.
Please inquire the schedule by E-Mail.



◆ Mindfulness lectureship / experience

Mindfulness lectureship are held regularly.
The Mindfulness Practice Meeting is held once a month.

Contact Myohoji for details by email.

◆ “Segaki” ceremony
“Segaki” ceremony  will start at 18:00 19th Aug. every year. Everyone can take part in this ceremony. For a detailed information, please look at a page of Buddhism Sutra.

“Segaki” ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2020.

“Segaki” Video
You can  see “Segaki” ceremony.

Click here !! ↓↓↓↓↓↓

・Purify the field with holy water.
・Fire on the mountains of money and clothes.
・Give rice cakes and sweets to hungry demons.


◆ “Lunch ZEN”  and “Dinner ZEN” 
Advance reservation required.
Contact Myohoji for details by email.

・Limited to one group per day (2 people or more)
・Reservation required in advance.
・Please make a reservation by inquiry page or e-mail.


>> Lunch Zen (fee: JPY7,000/person: 2 people or over)
11:00AM— “Syabutsu” or “syakyou” (Trace of Buddha’s figure or Writing Sutra)
12:00PM— Lunch
13:00PM— Experience of pronounce Buddha’s Sutra (Oubaku-Zen)
14:00PM— Zazen
15:00PM Finish

>> Dinner Zen (fee: JPY9,000/person: 2 people or over)
17:00AM— “Syabutsu” or “syakyou” (Trace of Buddha’s figure or Writing Sutra)
18:00PM— Lunch
19:00PM— Experience of Buddha’s Sutra (Oubaku-Zen)
20:00PM— ‘Zazen’
21:00PM —Finish

>> What is  “Syakyou”  , “Syabutsu” ?
You trace the sentences of “Hannya-Shingyo”  sutra. In the same way, you can trace “Gosen-Kannon” picture. By this methods, You can concentrate on your mind, so your mind calms down.



>> Lunch / Dinner
Prepare Japanese food  or “Kaiseki” dishes.

>> Experience of pronounce Buddha’s Sutra.
Not only you can pronounce sutra, but also you can use the Buddhist instruments shown in the picture below. You can experience something like a hymn, called  “Bonbai”  sutra of Ohbaku-Zen Buddhism.

>> Zazen
You can Zen meditation while watching the rock garden.

◆ Will you come and visit the temple yoga?