2018.9.11 Temporary closing date: 18th, 30th, 31st Oct., 1st, 2nd Nov.
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Dec.  (Closed every Wednesday) 

2018.8.22 Add  “Segaki” ceremony video LINK .
Please show Events page below.

2018.7.30 ‘Lunch Zen’ and ‘Dinner Zen’ will start from September .
For detail, refer to the event page below.

2018.7.15 Temple YOGA events will be held on July  17th, 21st, 24th, 28th and 31st. Please show page of Temple YOGA.
Temple YOGA start from 10:30 on Tuesdays and from 19:30 on Saturdays.

2018.6.10 Myouhou-ji Temple is now opening a secret Buddha “Gosen-Kannon” Buddha  that has only been opened once in a hundred years. It is an opportunity to meet the “Gosen-Cannon” Buddha.



◆ “Segaki” ceremony
“Segaki” ceremony  will start at 18:00 19th Aug. every year. Everyone can take part in this ceremony. For a detailed information, please look at a page of Buddhism Sutra.

“Segaki” Video
You can  see “Segaki” ceremony.

Click here !! ↓↓↓↓↓↓

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・00:24:00〜 Purify the field with holy water.
・01:27:00〜 Fire on the mountains of money and clothes.
・01:30:00〜 Give rice cakes and sweets to hungry demons.

◆We will start  “Lunch ZEN”  and “Dinner ZEN” from September.

・Limited to one group per day (2 people or more)
・Reservation required in advance.
・Please make a reservation by inquiry page or e-mail.


>> Lunch Zen (fee: JPY7,000/person: 2 people or over)
11:00AM— “Syabutsu” or “syakyou” (Trace of Buddha’s figure or Writing Sutra)
12:00PM— Lunch
13:00PM— Experience of pronounce Buddha’s Sutra (Oubaku-Zen)
14:00PM— Zazen
15:00PM Finish

>> Dinner Zen (fee: JPY9,000/person: 2 people or over)
17:00AM— “Syabutsu” or “syakyou” (Trace of Buddha’s figure or Writing Sutra)
18:00PM— Lunch
19:00PM— Experience of Buddha’s Sutra (Oubaku-Zen)
20:00PM— ‘Zazen’
21:00PM —Finish

>> What is  “Syakyou”  , “Syabutsu” ?
You trace the sentences of “Hannya-Shingyo”  sutra. In the same way, you can trace “Gosen-Kannon” picture. By this methods, You can concentrate on your mind, so your mind calms down.



>> Lunch / Dinner
Prepare Japanese food  or “Kaiseki” dishes.

>> Experience of pronounce Buddha’s Sutra.
Not only you can pronounce sutra, but also you can use the Buddhist instruments shown in the picture below. You can experience something like a hymn, called  “Bonbai”  sutra of Ohbaku-Zen Buddhism.

>> Zazen
You can Zen meditation while watching the rock garden.

◆ Will you come and visit the temple yoga?